Ports, Poundage, Values Credit: noaa.gov

Ports, Poundage, Values
Credit: noaa.gov

Fish Radio

October 15, 2014


This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Fish prices from one end of Alaska to the other. More after this

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Fishermen talk prices more than just about any other topic, but prices can often be tough to come by. Most of Alaska’s seafood catches are sold long after a fishery closes and final settlements aren’t known for several months. There is one place to find out how fish prices are tracking. The state Division of Commercial Fisheries has compiled a list of dockside prices for every fish and shellfish type caught in Alaska by region from 2011 through 2013.

 Here’s a sampler – last year’s base price for red king crab was $6.88 a pound delivered at Dutch, down $1.30 from the previous year. Dungeness crab prices throughout Southeast averaged $2.50 a pound. Codfish dropped across the board in Gulf and Bering Sea regions to the mid 20 cent range.

 Halibut prices last year were down by as much as a dollar in major ports – the high’s were $5.49 at Petersburg and Homer, and just $4.84 at Kodiak. Sablefish prices fell even more sharply to just over $4 a pound in most ports.

 Herring prices averaged 8-cents a pound last year at Bristol Bay, 17 cents at Kodiak and 35-cents a pound at Sitka. Sea cucumber prices last year at both Southeast and Kodiak were pushing $4 a pound.

 For salmon, fishermen at Prince William Sound got the highest prices for sockeyes at $2.45, followed by Cook Inlet at $2.18, Kodiak at $1.82 and Bristol Bay at $1.66. Pollock averaged 15 cents a pound at Dutch Harbor and 18 cents at Kodiak. The lowest salmon price was pinks at 14 cents at Bristol Bay.

 The priciest Alaska catch last year was spot shrimp at Southeast, fetching $11.39 for fishermen. The lowest priced is Pacific Ocean Perch at one penny a pound.

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