Report from the grounds after the first opener at Copper River, May 16: 

Copper River Salmon Comin' Home!

Copper River Salmon
Comin’ Home!


  • Thursday’s 12 hour opener produced a catch of roughly 82,000 sockeye salmon and 700 Chinook. ADF&G had predicted a harvest of 36,000 sockeye and 1,800 Chinook.
  • Most all the processors were competitive at $4.00/lb  for sockeye and $6.50 for Kings. At the end of the period Trident stayed at $3.65 for sockeye. Most offered $.50 incentives for RSW/bled/chilled fish.

Another 12-hour opener is set to begin for the Copper River at 7 a.m. Monday, May 20.

Lower Cook Inlet also opens Monday for hatchery cost recovery.  Prices:  sockeye $1.35 – $1.85 ; pinks 35 cents