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Dutch Harbor top port for 19th year

October 30, 2015

Dutch Harbor, Alaska Credit:

Dutch Harbor, Alaska

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Alaska is home to the nation’s top three fishing ports. I’ll tell you more after this —

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Alaska claimed the top three fishing ports for landings again last year, and in fact, led all US states in terms of seafood landings and value.

That’s according to the annual Fisheries of the US report for 2015 released yesterday by NOAA Fisheries. Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Merrick –

“For the 19th consecutive year the Alaska port of Dutch Harbor led the nation in the highest amount of seafood landed at 787 million pounds valued at $218 million. And again New Bedford had the highest valued catch fro any port – $322 million for 124 million pounds. Most of that was due to the high price of sea scallops and accounted for 76 percent of the value of the landings in New Bedford”.

Kodiak ranked second and the Aleutian Islands was number three, thanks to Trident’s plant at Akutan, the nation’s largest seafood processing facility. In all, 13 Alaska ports made the nation’s top 50 list for landings and six were in the top ten, including the Aleutian Islands, the Alaska Peninsula, Naknek and Cordova.

In other highlights:  Alaska led all states in volume of landings at six billion pounds, and in value of landings at $1.8 billion.

Alaska accounted for nearly 98 percent of all wild salmon landings, with West Coast states making up the rest.  Total salmon landings last year were 1.1 billion pounds, an increase of 48 percent  with a value of over $460 million, down more than 25 percent compared with  2014.   The average price per pound for all salmon species in Alaska was 40 cents last year, down by half from the previous year.

For halibut, the Pacific fishery accounted for all but 216,000 pounds of the total halibut catch. Average prices to fishermen was $4.86 a pound, compared to $4.94  the previous year.

US landings of king crab were 17.5 million pounds, valued at nearly $99 million, increases of 5 percent and more than 15 percent, respectively.

Alaska is home to the most seafood processing plants at 151 that employed more than 10,000 people.

Nearly half of the world’s seafood consumption comes from aquaculture;  the US ranks fourteenth in production.

And for the third year in a row, Americans ate slightly more seafood at 15.5 pounds. Richard Merrick –

“On dinner plates the average American added nearly an extra pound of seafood – nine tenths of a pound, to their diet.”

The Fisheries of the US  report includes recreational  fishing, exports, trade data and much more. Find it at our website –

Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods – who salutes and says thanks to the men and women fishing across Alaska for their hard work and dedication. ( In Kodiak, I’m Laine Welch.