How can Americans help a seafood industry and fishing communities clobbered by the coronavirus?

“Just really to eat seafood and buy seafood. And repeat! We need to support our nation’s seafood communities by eating seafood and buying seafood as often as we can.”  

Linda Cornish is president of the non-profit Seafood Nutrition Partnership which this week launched a 12-week “Eat Seafood, America” campaign in collaboration with 22 major industry groups.

Called the “Seafood4Health Action Coalition,” their goal is to help Americans stay healthy during this health crisis while boosting the seafood economy.

“We needed to find a rapid response campaign to help our industry. So I’m hoping people will really come on board and support this Eat Seafood, America campaign.”

The Eat Seafood, America campaign urges people to build support by sharing pictures of their seafood meals.

“Follow the hash tag #eatseafoodamerica, post a photo of their meal and share it on Instagram, Twitter or whatever social platforms they use. Go out there and urge people to buy seafood. It’s as simple as that.”

Most of America’s seafood is eaten in restaurants and the Eat Seafood, America campaign encourages people to buy it online or place orders and do take out at restaurants or retail stores.

Grundens, for example, is promoting sales at And many fishermen are selling direct from their boats.

While Americans are hunkered down at home, Cornish says they can still take their taste buds on vacation.

“Think about going on a trip to Alaska and ordering some wild Alaska seafood – you’ve been wanting to go to Maine -try some lobsters or oysters or mussels – go on that Florida trip or to the Gulf. It really is a great way to take your taste buds on an adventure. And there are so many seafood varieties you can have something different every day.”

Along with supporting fishing dependent towns and families, Cornish points out that the healthy attributes of seafood can help protect against the coronavirus.

 “Whatever coast you’re on, whatever segment of the supply chain you’re on, we all need help. And seafood is a healthy protein and it’s so good for you. And I think the message is for people to try and get yourself as healthy as possible. Eat Seafood, America and let’s get through this together. We can do it!”