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September 12, 2014

Fishing areas of Alaska  Credit: ASMI

Fishing areas of Alaska
Credit: ASMI

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Fall means it’s time for fish meetings. You can’t make a difference if you don’t speak up. More after this —

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Fall means it is time for fish meetings that shape all of the management and oversight for Alaska’s fisheries. Coming up in a few weeks are meetings for the state Board of Fisheries and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. The plan to rein in Gulf trawl bycatch via some form of catch share program will top the Council’s agenda. Also –setting a P-cod quota for a CDQ small boat fishery and observer deployment plans for next year. The North Pacific Council meets October 6-14 at the Anchorage Hilton.

Closer to shore, the state Board of Fisheries will get its meeting cycle at a two day work session in Juneau. Salmon and other fisheries at Prince William Sound, Upper Copper River and the Upper Susitna start the regional focus this year, followed by Southeast and Yakutat finfish and crab. The board will meet in Cordova, Wrangell and Sitka throughout the winter.

But things could get sidelined by the 27 out of cycle agenda changes being proposed by various stakeholders. One third of the proposals come from Cook Inlet where some big management changes were implemented by the Fish Board last year. All of the meetings will be available online.

Also coming soon – catch numbers for the Bering Sea crab fisheries will be out later this month, followed by preliminary numbers for next year’s halibut catches.

Finally, hats off to the United Fishermen of Alaska, celebrating its 40th year of advocating tirelessly for Alaska’s fishing industry. UFA is the nation’s largest fishing trade association with nearly 40 group members. A celebration is planned for September 26 at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage.

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