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Halibut Commission meets in November
November 6, 2012

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Fishermen get a first look at halibut catch limits this month. More after this —

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 The Pacific halibut fishery ends tomorrow – a week earlier than usual.  Halibut fishermen will get an idea of their catch limits for next year when the International Pacific Halibut Commission holds its interim meeting later this month.

Catches are just one of the agenda items. Last Friday was the deadline to submit regulation proposals. Only four were submitted:   Three come from Petersburg  – one asking for a modification on   on certain vessel categories … a second requests harvest tickets for all sport caught halibut and sablefish, saying it would provide more complete data for managers. Another proposal asks that circle hooks   be designated as the only legal gear for halibut. J hooks and treble hooks tend to get swallowed by fish and are difficult to remove. A final proposal from Juneau asks that sport boats be able to retain processed or preserved halibut on board. …

The IPHC meeting has made changes to make their sessions more available to the public. Except for the finance and administration sessions at the end of the second day, all sessions will be webcast.  More time also has been scheduled for the public to ask questions during the two day meeting. The Halibut Commission meets Wednesday and Thursday, Nov 28-29 at the IPHC offices in Seattle. Looking ahead:  the IPHC annual meeting will take place Jan 21-25 in Victoria, British Columbia.  Find a link at Fish Radio on Facebook.

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