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November 7, 2013         

         Pacific Marine Expo Credit: deckboss blogExpo among top 50 US trade shows, 2013

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – “Fish Expo” is among the top US trade shows. More after this –

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Pacific Marine Expo – dubbed Fish Expo by most Alaskans – is one of the nation’s fastest growing trade shows. It’s held each November at the CenturyLink Field Event Center
in Seattle.

We’re at 492 companies displaying products in 69,000 sq. feet and that’s up from a little over 400 companies and 65,000 sq. feet last year.

Bob Callahan is trade show director.

So the show just continues to grow – we have exhibitor participants from 14 foreign countries and 107 brand new companies on the show floor. 

Last year a scheduling conflict forced Expo to change from weekend to mid week dates.

We were concerned about it but it worked out well.

It worked so well, Callahan says they’ve kept the mid week dates based on feedback from exhibitors and visitors.

Originally we were planning on going back to the Thursday through Saturday pattern but during the advisory board meeting we have at the show it was overwhelmingly positive, the Wednesday, Thursday Friday dates so we decided to keep them.  

Callahan credits the success of Expo to the direct contacts and networking a trade show provides.

Plus it’s a learning environment – you can see what your competitors are doing, attend education sessions for free and interact with your peers to talk about issues facing you and your business and the industry. You can’t get that from the internet or seeing a picture or anywhere else. We think the trade show model is healthy and here to stay.

Pacific Marine Expo is set for Nov. 20-22 — see the line up and register for free at

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