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December 25, 2014

 This is Fish Radio – I’m Laine Welch – Fishing is serious business, but there is a lighter side. Some fish funnies after this ….                                          

Condoms as fishing lures

Condoms as fishing lures

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 Here are some obscure and funny fish stories from around the world – British Columbia scientists have found that Steller sea lions turn up their noses at farmed fish.

 Fishermen in the Russian town of Magadan are buying Barbie dolls produced in China, and using their hair as bait. The Papua New Guinea Post Courier reported that condoms are selling out fast on Buka I sland and local pharmacies are now ordering in bulk. It seems fish prefer the condoms to ordinary lures. They fill up with water as boats troll and tuna apparently find them irresistible.

 Japanese textile manufacturers have launched a line of seafood skivvies – underwear treated with chitosan – an antibacterial agent found in crab shells – and shark liver extract said to promote the release of moisture and oils. The undies are especially suited to the elderly or people with dry, sensitive skin.

 And speaking of skin – in turkey, since the start of this century, people with severe skin problems visit hot springs filled with carp. They immerse themselves in the water and the carp nibble on the diseased skin. Some report complete recovery after just a few carp encounters.

 In London loud dance music played underwater in the Thames River is keeping fish away from treatment pipes and reservoirs. The music beat makes the fish turn tail and swim back upstream, much like people standing too close to a very loud speaker.

 Mating codfish are being considered a risk to national security in Norway. During the winter mating season male cod make grunting noises about every 80 seconds that sound like foreign submarines. It creates havoc with underwater surveillance systems and the cod problem is considered a threat to the safety and defense of Norway’s Navy.

 Also on the seafood mating front, researchers have found that a bit of Prozac slipped into waters of clam and mussel beds triggers spawning by bivalves.

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