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Fish updates: NPFMC, BOF, AK Legislature
March 17, 2015               

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Fish updates for the Board of Fish, North Pacific Council and in Juneau. That’s up after this –

Lawmaker wants AK exempted from EPA's Clean Air oversight Credit:

Lawmaker wants AK exempted from EPA’s Clean Air oversight

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 The state Board of Fish wraps up its annual cycle this week in Anchorage. Through March 20th the board is taking up Dungeness crab, shrimp and miscellaneous issues. Also on deck: consideration of setting escapement goals in the Bristol Bay Area, and allowing subsistence fish wheels on the Kuskokwim River when kings are restricted.

 Governor Walker has made his top picks for two upcoming vacancies on the North Pacific Council. He recommends reappointment of fisherman Dan Hull of Cordova; a council member since 2009. The governor also named sport fish charter operator Andrew Mezirow of Seward. The final decision is made by the US Secretary of Commerce. The North Pacific Council meets in Anchorage the week of April 6.

 Alaska lawmakers gave a friendly reception last week to the idea of giving personal use fisheries a priority over commercial and sport users, reports Dave Theriault’s Juneau Resources Weekly. Right now the fisheries are all on equal footing. A personal use priority bill has been introduced every year since 2009 by Sen. Bill Stoltze, but the hot button measure has never made it out of the first round of hearings.

 A bill to limit all Alaska salmon seiners to a maximum 58 feet has been offered by Rep. Dan Ortiz, of Ketchikan.

A new law filed by Rep. Dave Talerico of Healy would pull the plug on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and exempt Alaska from the agency’s power to regulate and limit carbon emissions.

Talerico also proposes increases to sport fishing and hunting licenses for both residents and non-residents by up to 50% .

 One thing getting the axe by lawmakers was the nearly $300,000 budget for Citizen’s Advisory Commission on Federal Areas. The group was formed by former governer Parnell to fight perceived federal intrusions by the feds in Alaska. The Weekly reports that the vote to dissolve the Commission was unanimous.

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