Salmon is America's #2 favorite Credit:

Salmon is America’s #2 favorite

Fish Radio
November 4, 2014


 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Lots of fishing is going on and another milestone for Alaska salmon. More after this –

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Alaska’s halibut fishery ends on Friday and it looks like most of the 16 million pound catch will be pulled aboard. It’s a toss up to see which will be the top halibut port – Homer’s lead is only about 150-thousand pounds more than Kodiak. The halibut fishery will reopen in March.

 Sablefish also ends on November 7 – longliners have taken about 90% of that 24 million pound quota. Seward far outdistances all other ports for sablefish landings.

 Bering Sea crabbers are making short work of the red king crab fishery at Bristol Bay. In just two weeks the fleet has taken over 80% of their 10 million pound quota.

 Mum’s the word on king crab price – which might not settle out until mid-January, said Jake Jacobsen of the crabbers’ Inter-Cooperative Exchange. The 15 million pound

 Tanner crab fishery is likely to continue right up to the end of March closure, Jacobsen said, with those prices sorted out by the end of June.

Various fleets continue fishing for cod in the Gulf, while Pollock closed there on November 1.

 There’s lots of fishing action in Southeast- trollers are targeting king salmon, the winter food and bait herring fishery is underway and fishing for seven kinds of rockfish opens on November 8. The half a million pound pot shrimp fishery is pretty much over in most districts, Dungeness crab is ongoing and diving continues for and geoduck clams. Kodiak’s sea cuke fishery ended October 30th.

 Finally, salmon hit a milestone last year. It toppled canned tuna as the second most popular seafood in America, the National Fisheries Institute reports, with shrimp remaining as number one.

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