Get cash back for your commercial crew license. 


Fishermen can get cash back for their crew license fees if they pay for them on line.  

“Fish and game in 2017 for the first time is providing an opportunity for people to purchase their commercial crew licenses on line. “

Forrest Bowers is deputy director of the commercial fisheries division at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

“Previously those could only be done in person by filling out a paper form at one of our license vendors.”  

Crew licenses are the latest addition to Fish and Game’s online store. It offers print at home options for nearly every license and permit– for commercial, sport, personal use fishing, hunting, bear viewing, and more.  It’s more convenient for customers, Bowers says, and switching from paper tickets to electronics saves the state lots of cash.

“If we were able to achieve 100% of online sales for licenses would save the department a couple hundred thousand dollars. Even if we’re at 50 percent sales, that’s a hundred thousand.  So it’s a big savings for us. “

The department hopes to lure fishermen to the online store with 10 free crew license giveaways.

“If you’re randomly selected the cost of the license will be refunded to you.”

 That adds up to some nice savings, especially for non residents.

“For 2017 commercial crew members licenses cost $60 for Alaska residents and $277 for non residents. It’s an annual license. We also offer 7 day license that’s $30 for both resident and non residents. A child’s license for ages 10 or less is $5 for residents and $222 for non residents.”

Complete your  crew license renewal online  through the Alaska Fish and Game Online Store before October 6.