One unexpected plus to the Covid pandemic is how it’s brought fishing industry information, workshops and training to far more people through web-based events, no matter where they are located.

Two are in the upcoming pipeline:

Up first is the annual Fishermen’s Expo on Monday, February 22. Hosted by the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association in Sitka. Natalie Sattler is ALFA communications director –

“And this one, we’re going to focus a little more on loan programs for folks that are interested in getting involved in fishing. So we have a speaker from the Commercial Fishing and Agriculture Bank that provides financing for fishermen. And we’ll  also have a loan officer from the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development to talk about some of the loan programs that they have for commercial fishermen.” 

Emergency skills by the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association will be featured along with ALFA’s crew apprentice program. Also – updates on years of ocean floor mapping, called bathymetry, that helps fishermen target catches better and avoid harmful fishing practices.

Go to to register for the Expo links and updates.

Seafood Auction

Then, on March 4th and 5th, a who’s who of big names is in the lineup for the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference.

It will feature mariculture, regional broadband, fish forecasts, marketing updates, legislative leaders and commissioners, Senator Lisa Murkowski, Covid relief programs, community roundtables and much more.

Topics at Expo and SWAMC will appeal to anyone interested in Alaska’s seafood industry and those far removed from fishing.