Fish Radio
December 26, 2013

 Fishermen’s ideas for fishing gifts                                               Santa fishing

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. If fishermen could gift back… Hear their answers after this…

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Tis the season for gift giving. As the new year approaches fishermen can only hope for full fish holds , good prices, and a successful season. Fish Radio asked Kodiak’s locals what their ultimate gift would be for the 2013 fishing season.


“Probably fuel prices to come down significantly. Having it come down to two dollars a gallon, that would be great. Fuel prices are the biggest difference between our profit margin over all. The more you fish the more you pay.”


The costs of running a boat, such as bait, ice, licenses, and groceries continue to increase, making it a top concern for fishermen.

“A better cod price. Or say a two dollar red salmon price, That would be huge for Kodiak.”

 “Less regulations, just get the government off our back and lets us catch some fish. You almost have to have your lawyer with you every time you go fishing now. So that would be my gift less regs and more freedom.”

   Each new year brings more and more restriction, making it harder for just anyone to start a career in fishing.

 ” I think the industry definitely needs more time to deal with the changes in the new observer program. It sounds like its going to be a tough one. Especially for small boats to assimilate into. So they could definitely use more time.”

‘ More sovereignty.

  “Mine would be good luck, safety, and prosperity.”

 Fish Radio wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday.

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