Alaska pollock is the nation’s largest fishery. It dominates in fish sticks and fast food sandwiches, but most Americans don’t even know what a pollock is. Trident Seafoods is intent on changing that.

“It’s our mission to show the world how this delicious, often overlooked fish – cousin to the cod, by the way, can be enjoyed one serving at a time.”  

Lo Reichert (Ray-CHER) is Trident’s mobile marketing manager of the Fork and Fin, a retrofitted FedEx truck turned into a flashy mobile kitchen.

“We wanted a mechanism to really go from sea to street and talk with people about the blessings of wild Alaskan seafood, and particularly, Alaska pollock.”

The truck debuted a few weeks ago at Seattle Sea Hawks games.

The small menu, priced at $9 to $10,  includes fish and chips with Alaska amber beer batter … pollock burgers … crispy fish tacos … a grilled Alaska pollock salad and an offbeat offering –

“A peanut butter and jelly fish stick plate, which has fish sticks laid atop crispy, Japanese style furikake fries drizzled with a raspberry chipotle sauce, topped with crush peanuts and a mixture of peanut sauce as well.”  

The goal is to show people that Alaska pollock can easily be served as popular entrees at home.

Reichert says the response has been wonderfully consistent –

“Wow, I just tried this fish and it tastes very similar to cod. It’s delicious and I can make it at home.”   

All meals are big enough to be shareable. Reichert says that’s done on purpose –

“And that becomes a part of getting the word out.”  

Fork and Fin provides an unexpected experience, he says, and helps educate people about an overlooked fish that is high in protein, low in fat and packed with heart-healthy omega 3s.

“We have brand ambassadors associated with this truck. They can talk to people and answer questions.”  

The food truck also stops at business parks and schools along the I5 corridor and will be used at charity events and fundraisers.

Based on the good response, more trucks could soon be on the road in more regions to get more people to eat Alaska pollock more often.

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