Fishing is serious business and you can get hands on professional help at  Fish Biz, a free, online multi-media tool that helps you pencil out your business’s bottom line.

It’s a simple tool to help you pencil out changes you might make in your fishing operation and how that might change your bottom line. Whether it’s the changing fuel costs or changing prices for  your fish, or adding another fishery or my moorage is going up and my insurance, and you can put those numbers into the spread sheet and it spells out what those changes will mean to your bottom line.

Sunny Rice is an Alaska Sea Grant marine advisor in Petersburg. Fish Biz helps answer the questions fishermen pencil out at her office or on a napkin over coffee.

Well, let’s think about realistic estimate of what you think your earnings will be in the first year  – quartile tables from the CFEC as handy references. What might your loan payments be, what might change with your permit price – grow and diversify. 

Fish Biz sections include Starting and Managing Your Business, Growing and Diversifying and – for Alaska’s graying fleet:  Planning an Exit Strategy. That includes retirement investments, divesting out of the fishing business, even making a will.

‘I hope the way of dividing up a person’s fishing career makes people think about things they haven’t thought about before.”

One section called Q Calc analyzes IFQ costs whether the quota is fished on your own boat or on someone else’s.

 The free Fish Biz site includes pod casts on lowering fuel costs and other mixed media. Rice says feedback and ideas are always welcome.

If people have ideas for ideas or resources we would love to hear that feedback.  

Find Fish Biz at the Alaska Sea Grant website