June 9, 2014

Alaska salmon Sisters
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In a homestead across the bay from False Pass, near the tip of the Aleutian Chain two young women have found inspiration and fortune from fishing. It’s the dynamic duo The Salmon Sisters.  salmon sisters

“We have fished with our parents since around age ten on the boats each summer. We fish for salmon during June and July, then fish for halibut in August and September out near Dutch Harbor and Akutan.” 
Born and raised fisher women Claire and Emma Laukitis are the brains and energy behind the Salmon Sisters clothing line. Emma is an art major and brings the creative flare to the company. 
“I studied art and English in school and I started making art that was inspired by fish and the ocean and how we grew up, so that is where our designs started.” 

“I was graduating from college and we needed a project to do in our off time from fishing in the winter. Emma is a great artist and I have a business degree so we decided to create clothes that we would wear on the dock or that we would be happy and proud to wear.”  

Clair brings her business savvy to both the clothing line and a new fish selling venture The Morshovi Bay Fish Company.

“We have a C.S.A. fish delivery, mostly in the mid west, but all over the US. And this was our first year. 
They are offering subscription boxes of the family caught salmon, halibut, and cod fish. “
“It has been really rewarding to be able to trace our fish that we catch in False Pass all the way to some ones plate. It’s been a good experience, and Emma has been really helpful with all of our deliveries and we have been towing her along for everything.”

The  twenty some-things take pride in their upbringing and the small coastal communities that inspired them to  turn their livelihood into their two growing businesses. Claire says they enjoy being advocates  for younger fisher men and women in Alaska.

“It has been so neat to have so much support from people in our industry, especially younger women who want to share their stories, and we are so happy to be a platform for them to do that.”
“If you could see us all summer standing on that back deck, we are so dirty. I know that our website and the clothes make it seem so glamorous, but to us it is just fishing.”

The sisters credit the endless hours spent cleaning fish. They say having all that …

“ The creative time to think is how Salmon Sisters and Morshovi Bay Fish Company was born.”

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The Salmon Sisters

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