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Funds for fish research, Icicle sale stalls
September 9, 2015

Alaska pollock roe Credit:

Alaska pollock roe

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch — Funding for fish research, and the sale of Icicle Seafood stalls. More after this Alaskan Quota and Permits in Petersburg now offers free gear and vessel listings. Check it out at

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Nowhere in the world is fish research at the forefront like it is in Alaska. Funding dollars are available to interested applicants on two fronts: The Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center, a co-op of catcher/processor companies, will award $400,000 to projects that include research and gear technology to reduce bycatch in Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands fisheries. The bycatch priorities are salmon, halibut, crab, shark and octopus.

Another research focus is developing new products for pollock roe. The roe goes almost exclusively to Japan and Korea where traditional tastes and markets have declined for a decade. A goal is to create new pollock roe products that appeal to younger customers. Deadline to apply is September 19.

NOAA Fisheries has made $10 million available in competitive grants funded through the through 2016 Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program.

The program’s goal is to address the needs of fishing communities and increase opportunities to keep working waterfronts viable by funding fisheries research and development projects.

Projects should focus on aquaculture, marketing and promotions, fishery data collection, reducing bycatch, socio-economic research and adapting to climate change. The deadline for S-K proposals is November 2.

On another front: the sale of Icicle Seafoods has fallen through. San Francisco-based owners Paine & Partners announced Friday that the agreement to sell Icicle to an Indonesian Investment Group and Dominion Catchers LLC has been terminated.

Paine said that Icicle’s business and operations remain strong. No reason was given for the pull out, but market analyst John Sackton it’s likely a casualty to market turmoil and a sinking Indonesian economy. The country’s currency is at its lowest level in 20 years and Sackton said the Asian buyers may have had trouble securing the cash and credit needed for purchasing US assets.

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