The crispiest chips you’ll ever eat are being made from Bristol Bay sockeye salmon skins.

It’s a new, flash fried snack spawned by a Los Angeles-based company called Goodfish, a pioneer in foods that are good for people and the planet.

“Which derives its entire premise about reintroducing sustainable seafood into the diet of the American audience, starting with a novel take on salmon skins.”

Justin Guilbert is Goodfish co-founder along with Douglas Riboud, who partnered a decade ago to launch the wildly successful Harmless Harvest brand of coconut water now found in 70,000 US outlets. That product helped economize  non-timber forest products made from renewable resources.

And good fish was meant to do the same, but from the water. The idea was to look at sustainable wild fisheries and figure out a way to create products that would get critical mass hits in the marketplace in order to protect that wild fishery, and by protecting the fishery you’re maintaining the social fabric that is supported by it.”   

Guilbert says no fishery fit their business philosophy of “healthy snacks with a conscience” better than Bristol Bay salmon.

“We were looking first and foremost for a fish species that had probably the highest positive collective attributes, where you would walk up to anyone and say, what’s the healthiest fish, the best fish, the most premium fish and  salmon really fit the bill.”  

The Goodfish team spent a month at Bristol Bay before creating the salmon chips over three years in partnership with Trident Seafoods. They’re branded as the first 100% traceable Wild Alaska Sockeye snack that’s good for you, for the fish and the fisherman.

And in this case, Guilbert says they want to create awareness of the threat to the Bristol Bay salmon fishery posed by the Pebble Mine.

“The destruction of an ecosystem that will affect an entire culture. That’s a message that could make the American consumer aware of the situation and understand that consumption can lead to direct impact.”

The Goodfish crispy salmon skins come packaged in four flavors – Sea Salt, Chili Lime, Spicy BBQ, and Tart Cranberry.

Guilbert says they are just the first of a full line Goodfish plans to develop.

“Oh, man, we did about 20 different variations of products – we did nuggets of salmon with pieces of fruits and nuts, we did cracklins’, baked, all kinds of jerky, you name it. We’ve got a bank of learning that we’re going to be honestly capitalizing upon.” 

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