The trade group Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, or GAPP, is on a mission to create more awareness and demand through its Partnership Program in North America and Europe.

Proposals are being accepted for new items or to help get Alaska pollock introduced to food influencers and decision-makers at places where it hasn’t previously had visibility.

“One of the things that we do here at GAPP is try to put money in the hands of partners that would like to bring Alaska pollock to market in either a new form, place it in a new channel or associated with influencers because our sole mission is to build awareness and demand for Alaska pollock”.

Craig Morris is GAPP’s chief executive officer.

It’s the group’s fifth funding round in North America and second round in Europe.  GAPP has so far obligated over $5 million to “brand partners” who have created three dozen new pollock products. Morris says $1.5 million is available in the current round.

He hopes it will attract an even wider range of unique ideas for not just pollock fillets, but include surimi, roe, oils and fishmeal.

“There’s a number of companies that we’ve worked with like the American Seafoods and Trident Seafoods but we want to make sure in this round that we get some new applicants. And we really want to see some people out there that maybe have never experimented with Alaska Pollock before. If somebody came in and was looking at pet food, somebody was looking at supplements with the oil, we definitely have money that’s available to them. And we would love to see their great ideas on what we can do together.”

Morris said right now, it’s “snacks” that best define the success of new pollock products that have been funded so far. They include items such as Highliner Alaska Wild Wings, a takeoff on Buffalo wings, surimi pastas and Neptune jerky.

And last year, 7-Eleven introduced a crispy fish sandwich during Lent in its 8,000 U.S. outlets that proved to be one of its most popular hot foods ever. 7-Eleven followed this year with fish bites – five bite-sized pieces that are panko-crusted and served on a skewer with a side of tartar sauce.

GAPP is featuring a webinar on May 25 for any prospective applicants to help them through the process. Proposals are due by July 20 and funding announcements will be made in early September.

Learn more and find application forms for its Partnership Program at