Questions and topics are being solicited for Kodiak’s October 10th debate which is the first to feature the candidates for U.S. Senate.

“It’s going to be an hour and a half long debate between Senator Sullivan and Dr. Al Gross.”

Sarah Phillips is director of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, which has been hosting debates for Alaska governor and Congressional candidates since 1999.

“They are not going to be in the same room debating but will be doing so over Zoom. So digitally  they are together in the same spot  and you’ll see both their faces at the same time.”

Phillips says the debate format will be lively and allow lots of back and forth between the two candidates. The moderator is well known radio and tv host, Rhonda McBride.

“The moderator will ask some questions and give the candidates an opportunity to respond and then we’ll have segments where the candidates themselves pose questions to one another and have the opportunity to respond.”

All questions are limited to Alaska’s seafood industry, which covers a lot of water: transportation, trade, science and research, markets, and much more. The deadline to submit questions is coming up fast.

“And if you have a questions that you’d like to pose to the candidates, we need to have those questions to us at no later than September 30. So it just leaves a couple days to get those questions in by 5pm on September 30.”

Phillips says the fisheries debate will be aired live via several platforms –

“We are going to have it available on our website – –  you’ll be able to see it in real time – or if you are a Facebook or YouTube user you can find it either at the Chamber of Commerce pages, or if you just recently tuned into ComFish you can find it our ComFish Facebook, YouTube or our website pages as well.”

It also will be broadcast live on public radio stations across the state.

“We don’t have the full list of public radio stations that will be carrying it but we will be providing that.”

Phillips points out that the fisheries event is important far beyond Kodiak.

“This is not a debate just for Kodiak. This has impacts across the entire state.”

To recap: questions for the US Senate candidates debate are due to the Kodiak Chamber by end of day Wednesday. The debate kicks off at 5pm on Saturday, October 10.