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February 7, 2014                                    

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – No radiation worries for Alaska fish. More after this –

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 Alaska seafood is free of radiation stemming from Japan’s 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster.  That was the take home message from the Alaska Dept. of Conservation to the state Senate Resources Committee.

 The available information that Alaska has access to from other agencies such as the EPA, FDA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as well as other Pacific states including Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington, as well as Health Canada, have demonstrated there are no levels of radiation that are of a public health concern.


Marty Brewer heads DEC’s  Division of Environmental Health. She said  what little radiation has been detected from the Fukushima radiation   is miniscule.

 There is naturally occurring radiation and there has been detection of cesium that is reportedly from Fukushima but at miniscule levels.  

 DEC Commissioner Larry Hartig  said  programs in the Lower 48 are testing fish that swim between the Gulf of Alaska, the West Coast and Japan, and they’re sure the fish are safe to eat.

 The DEC also is monitoring marine debris washing ashore in Southeast Alaska and the Prince William Sound, Hartig said.  None of the debris that has washed ashore anywhere in the US so far has been   radioactive.

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