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From The Alaska Landmine— December 16, 2018

Governor Mike Dunleavy (R- Alaska) made some more appointments this week to the Department of Fish and Game.

They included longtime conservative talk radio host, Rick Rydell (whose real last name is Green), Ben Mulligan, and Eddie Grasser.

Green was named special assistant to Fish and Game Commissioner Doug Vincent-LangGreen’s appointment triggered Democrats and progressives all over the state. His last radio show was this week. He will be missed by many, including me. KENI, call me maybe?

Mulligan, who I have never met before but loves to tell people how much he hates me, was named Deputy Commissioner of Fish and Game. He comes from the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce. Mulligan looks like the guy in college who really wanted to be in a fraternity but couldn’t make it through pledge week. I’m sure he will fit in just fine. See below pic.

Eddie Grasser was named Director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation.

Grasser is from the Valley. He has been involved in fish and game issues for many years. He applied to take Dunleavy’s senate seat after Dunleavy resigned to run for governor. What the Dunleavy administration left out in their announcement is that Grasser is Mulligan’s uncle.

Drain that swamp!