The noises different fishes make can help scientists better understand their distributions and what they are doing. Of the 30,000 known fish species in the world oceans, it’s believed that fewer than 1,000 vocals have been recorded.

Most recently, scientists in Western Australia recorded seven distinct fish choruses at dawn and dusk, similar to birds in a forest.  SFX …

The low “foghorn” sound is made by the blackspotted croaker; the grunting call comes from a type of Terapontid; the third “ba-ba-ba” chorus is a quieter batfish.

Damselfish are well known chatterboxes, making pops and chirps in reefs near Taiwan. Now it appears they have created a new call to help them identify fish of its own kind during courtship. …   SFX

For the first time, recordings can be heard of lionfish, a voracious invasive species that is gobbling other fish along the east coast of the US and the Caribbean. Decoding lionfish could  help managers  keep tabs on  their spread. …SFX

The sounds cod make with their swim bladders appear to have regional accents. For years the mating calls of cod fish have wreaked havoc for the Norwegian navy because the love sounds are similar to enemy submarines. … SFX

Here’s the mating call of a black drum… SFX

And here is another disturber of the peace – a midshipman fish guarding its nest….SFX

A newer undersea sound discovery is fish farts! University of South Florida researchers picked up the cricket-like noises using a glider robot in Tampa Bay. … SFX

The sounds were most likely groups of menhaden and herring releasing gas from their swim bladders.

Scientists know that sound plays an important role in various fish behaviors such as reproduction, feeding and territorial disputes.  Mapping them can tell a lot about what’s out there – and what they are doing.