But’s up! Alaska’s 2015 halibut catch is 21.2 million pounds, an overall increase for the first time in a decade, and nearly 1.5 million pounds higher than last year. The International Pacific Halibut Commission finalized the numbers at its annual meeting on Jan.30. All but two Alaska regions will enjoy slightly bigger harvests. Here are the catch limits in millions of pounds, and comparisons to 2014.



2015 Catch Limit 2014 Catch Limit
2C-Southeast AK 4.65 4.16
3A-Central Gulf 10.1 9.43
3B-Western Gulf 2.65 2.84
4A-East Aleutians 1.39 850,000
4B-Central/West Aleutians 1.14 1.14
4CDE-Bering Sea 1.285 1.285
Total 21,215,000


The 2015 halibut season begins on March 14 and ends on November 7.