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Halibut set to close, fishing updates

November 4, 2015

Halibut fishery closes Saturday

Halibut fishery closes Saturday

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch — It’s a wrap for halibut on Saturday – lots more fishing updates after this –

The Pacific halibut fishery ends for the year on Saturday, November 7th, a bit earlier than past seasons.  By today less than one million pounds remained in the water out of the 17 million pound Alaska catch limit. Halibut prices remained in the $6-$7 range in major ports since the fishery opened in early March.  Kodiak is leading Homer for halibut landings, but it’s neck a neck. The industry will get a first peek at next year’s potential catch quotas when the International Pacific Halibut Commission meets in Seattle in early December.

The IFQ sablefish fishery also ends on November 7th.

Southeast Alaska’s demersal shelf rockfish season opens Sunday, December 8 with an 88,000 pound quota. That fishery includes yelloweye and six other kinds of rockfish.

Also ongoing in Southeast are dive fisheries for urchins, geoduck clams and sea cucumbers, which are going fast. Just 380,000 pounds remain in the nearly 1.5 million pound sea cuke quota.

Crabbers are still dropping pots for Dungeness and some regions remain open for big spot shrimp.

Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska pollock fisheries ended for the year on November 1. Fishing continues for cod, flounders and other groundfish.

The Bristol Bay red king crab fishery has been fast and phenomenal with 88 percent of the nine million pound quota taken in just over two weeks. A total of 65 boats signed on for the fishery with a payout reported at $7 a pound for red king crab, up 90 cents from last year.

Boats will likely switch to the 20 million pound bairdi Tanner crab fishery after the red king closure.

Looking ahead– managers are calling for another big salmon run next summer of more than 46 million sockeyes to Bristol Bay,  which would  yield a catch of 31.24 million reds.

Finally, the Board of Fisheries meets Nov 30- Dec 1 in Anchorage. They’ll focus on Alaska Peninsula, Chignik, Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea state water cod fisheries.  You can comment to the Fish Board through Nov. 19.

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