Stand for Salmon

Is a grass roots group working to change salmon habitat laws that haven’t been updated in nearly 6o years. The group is hosting a summer long Photo and story contest for people to share how salmon is part of their life.

“This is born out of our conversations with Alaskans around the state.  As Alaskans, we obviously prioritize salmon. Salmon are critical for our economy, for our families, for our culture, and for our heritage. These are issues that have been flagged, and one way to celebrate salmon and talk to Alaskans about salmon is with this photo contest. “

Samuel Snyder is the engagement coordinator with Stand for salmon.

“It’s always exciting to see where people fish, how they fish, how their families are impacted by fish, how they cook their fish and the list can go on.  I think photo contests like this give us a really great opportunity work with Alaskans around the state and learn why salmon matter to them.” 

They are looking for quality photos with a good story behind it.

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“From catching fish, eating fish to canning fish and smoking fish anything involving fishing, we want to see it and we want to hear about your experiences as well.” 

Laura Bartholomae is the digital communications specialist with Stand for Salmon.  She says it’s easy to enter the photos online.

“If you are an avid social media user you can just use a Hashtag on Facebook or Instagram with the Hashtag Stand for Salmon.” 

The first place photo gets a new phone and tablet in one, second place a gift card from Cabelas, and third a Stand for Salmon Swag Pack.

Snyder says they hope that the contest helps spread the importance of keeping Alaska’s salmon habitat healthy.

“We in Alaska are defined by salmon in so many ways., so it’s about hearing and sharing those stories because those are what matter in the long term and why we want to work to protect salmon.” 

The contest deadline is August 31, 2017. Go to or find links at