March 30 2015
This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.  A push for healthier foods and fish for America’s moms and babies.  Learn how to help after this…
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For the first time since 1980 the Unites States Department of Agriculture’s popular Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC program is being revised.  It is giving people a chance to voice what healthier foods should be offered to moms and their babies.   Alaskans have the opportunity to say they want more fish included in all the packages.  
“That’s what we are looking for we are looking for pregnant women to comment, mothers, from anybody that has two to three year olds, four to five year olds, and a mother who has a 6 month old and wants to start making salmon baby food in their own kitchen.”
Bruce Schactler is the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s Global Food Aid Director.
“One of the things that we are having them review is adding canned salmon into all the WIC baskets.”
Right now canned salmon is only included in the prenatal packages, Schactler wants to see it in all WIC packages.
“ So depending on what group of mothers and children that it is actually designed for. They are reviewing that whole thing right now, and they are taking comment on that right now.”
Omega threes cannot be produced by our bodies and must be obtained from food sources, notably oily fish like salmon and some plant sources. Studies around the world are showing omega 3 fatty acids are important parts of a healthy diet. For babies and children, it supports brain and eye development and digestive health.
“They want to hear from mothers, heck they probably want to hear from kids to. They want to hear from the people who are actually eating the product and people that are raising their families on it.”
  The Institute of Medicine is reviewing all comments and recommendations. Seafood advocates are urging anybody to encourage WIC to include the benefits of salmon and other seafood in their program. Comments are being accepted till further notice.  Submit your comments here, at the National Academies.
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