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Fishing updates, Board of Fish talks cod fish out of cycle
May 20, 2015

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Fishing updates and the Board of Fish talks cod at a special meeting. More after this –

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 Salmon fishermen wrapped up a second opener yesterday at the Copper River with hopes that catches were better than the first. Last week’s opener yielded just over 16,000 sockeyes and 14-hundred Chinook. That inflated prices for the first fish to $8 a pound for kings and $5.15 a pound for reds, up $2 and $1, respectively, over last year’s starting prices.

Southeast trollers also are seeing nice prices for their king salmon since their fishery reopened in mid-April. The average price of $7.88 a pound is more than $2.25 higher than last year.

Cook Inlet opens to salmon fishing on June 1 with other Alaska regions soon to follow.

 Southeast’s pot shrimp fishery reopened May 15 to clean up the quota in a few districts. The second opener for spot shrimp at Prince William Sound closes May 21.

 The ling cod fishery closed near Yakutat on May 18 but remains open in other Southeast outside waters.

 Togiak’s roe herring fishery ended on Monday nearly 9,000 tons shy of the 29,000 ton quota. A total of 22 boats and four buyers took part in the fishery this year. Kodiak’s herring fishery is plugging along and more herring are heading up the coast to the Kuskokwim, Nome and Yukon regions.

Alaska’s halibut landings are nearing six million pounds, or 33 percent of the 17.4million pound catch limit. In a switch, Seward leads all ports for landings, followed by Kodiak and HOmer is a distant third.

The 61 million pound snow crab fishery is about over in the Bering Sea, and about three million pounds remain in the 15 million pound Tanner crab fishery.

 Fishing continues for cod and other groundfish in the Gulf and Bering Sea; Pollock will reopen in late August.

 Finally, the state Board of Fisheries will hold a special teleconference on May 26 to consider moving cod proposals from the 2016 to this year’s meeting cycle that focuses on Bristol Bay. Find links to the listen only testimony and much more at our website –  

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