Alaskans can get the latest marketing updates on nearly every fish in the sea at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s virtual All Hands on Deck lineup starting today (Tuesday) through Friday.

ASMI is a public/private partnership between the state and the seafood industry. Its mission is to increase the awareness and value of Alaska fish and shellfish in the U.S. and around the world. It’s a big lift. Ashley Heimbigner is ASMI communications director.

 And we couldn’t do it without the input and guidance and on the ground information from all of our industry partners and stakeholders. So All Hands on Deck is our opportunity to get together with all of our ASMI staff, our committee members and other members of the industry to take a look back at the previous year, have discussions about where we think our industry is headed and build a strategy for marketing Alaska seafood moving forward.”

An advantage to having the All Hands gathering in a virtual format means more people can participate.

“I think that’s one of the things we’re most excited about, about our all hands on deck Virtual Conference this year is the opportunity to get more voices from more places and more aspects of our industry that maybe couldn’t have made that trip to Anchorage to participate in previous years.”

The All Hands lineup features the latest industry economic snapshot, including Covid impacts, trade disputes, roundtable forums and Q&A. And every kind of Alaska fish and shellfish gets its own session.

“If you were to pop into a crab species committee meeting, you might hear them discussing an overview of stock assessments in specific regions, or how consumer preferences are changing in certain countries or what product forms are gaining in popularity. So that’s good advice for ASMI to take to direct our marketing efforts to support those trends.”    

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