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April 11, 2014

Quality control training modules

Machine Vision System for Quality Control Credit:

Machine Vision System for Quality Control

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – A 10 step program for seafood quality controllers. More after this —

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 Quality control is a critical part of turning fish into food. Alaska seafood companies will soon benefit from a 10 step training program that helps standardize procedures for quality controllers.  

 This is something to help industry maintain a critical point which is quality control. You have no quality, you have no control. 14

 Brian Himelbloom is a microbiologist at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center, part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Alaska Sea Grant. He and his colleagues will use a $40,000 grant from Icicle Seafoods to develop the QC training program.

 The 10 steps include onboard handling and quality of the catch, principles of HAACP, which is Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, which has been in vogue since 1997, practical seafood sanitation,  seafood processing and preservation, adding value to seafood products – because we all want to make more bucks off these fish instead of shipping them out raw, seafood safety and quality, sensory analysis of seafood products, developing a quality control program for both whitefish and salmon,  and seafood byproducts utilization and management of seafood processing wastes. It’s a huge issue that is not going away.  6

 A final module is interfacing with regulatory agencies and recordkeeping in the seafood industry.  

 We need to reinvigorate that because there is this new federal mandate –the Food Safety and Modernization Act – it’s huge on paperwork information. It’s HAACP squared. 8

 Icicle Seafoods’ CEO Amy Humphreys said the training will ensure more Alaskans are qualified for QC jobs and help others advance their careers.  Himelbloom says it’s the industry’s input that directs their research.

 That’s where this collaboration with industry is key – we don’t want to put these modules out and say well here’s what we think is important. These are the kinds of things industry has been talking about over the years. 12

   The 10 step program will be available later this year in print manuals and online. A Technical Vocational Education Grant that will match Icicle’s will take the program even further with    training videos from the Kodiak  Center’s on-site processing plant.

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