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Team Pure & Wild Sails for Seafood
June 1st 2015

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. A first ever race to Alaska for sailors and more – That’s up after this…

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 Kayaks, paddle boards, sail boats and other man powered water craft are geared up for the Race to Alaska. Around thirty teams are leaving Port Townsend, Washington this week and heading north 750 miles to the finish line in Ketchikan. It is being called the Iditarod at sea.         

“It’s an adventure endurance race with very few rules.”

Joe Bersch, President of Premier Pacific Seafoods, and his long time friend and sailing partner, Dalton Bergan, are a top team

“Team Pure & Wild is centered on promoting pure and wild and sustainable Alaska seafood along the race route. The well inherent connection of the Race to Alaska and Ketchikan and fishing communities is fundamental to our team.”

If Bersch and Bergan cross the finish line first, the team plans on donating their winnings.

“Our ultimate goal is to win the race. The winner receives ten thousand dollars, which we would be very proud to donate to SeaShare.”

SeaShare is a nonprofit organization that has donated seafood to U.S. hunger relief programs since 1994. Bersch says they want to extend awareness.

“The reach of this race is national and actually international, and it seems like a good opportunity to broaden the reach of SeaShare and help to allow people to see the benefits of sustainable fisheries management in Alaska; and that it isn’t just about harvesting resources, but to show that the industry and the fisheries give back to people throughout the United States; providing seafood meals to feed needy people around the Nation.”

A Jet-Boil will be their only means of making a hot meal. Bersch says, “It will be like camping at sea.”

“Rather than eating freeze dried meals along the way, we intend on eating pre-prepared meals of Alaska seafood; for example: King crab fettuccini, halibut and cod chowder, smoke salmon and more along the way; to show what great health benefits it has and how easy it is to prepare.”  

Bersch says the wind will be a challenge, along with a few others.

“Really it is going to be nourishment, hydration, and fatigue. We hope that we can finish the race between seven to ten days and that is a long time for two people in pursuit of our goal of arriving in Ketchikan safely.”  

SeaShare’s Jim Harmon says he is excited for the team and is thankful for their determination.

“This is all Joe’s brainchild really. I appreciate his idea, and him thinking outside the box. We are trying to do more of that, we are trying to include as many fishermen and seafood processors as we can, and this is one more way of getting SeaShare’s name out there. I am encouraged by it and applaud them for doing it; these guys really have a chance of winning it. They’ve got the tools and the experience to win this thing. I hope they are safe and I hope they win.”      

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Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods Celebrating 105 years of partnership with Alaska’s coastal communities. In Kodiak I’m Stephanie Mangini.