July 20, 2016
Kodiak College builds F/V repair program, first in AK to offer ABYC certificates           ABYC logo

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Some fishing workforce firsts at Kodiak College. More after this –

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 Kodiak College is the first in Alaska to offer certification classes for industry-recognized, life saving standards in small boat repair and maintenance.  It’s an offshoot of the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan launched by the state Labor Dept. last years.

And then you have to ask yourself what is quality repair. Is it quality because this is the way grandpa always did it, is it quality because that was good enough the past 20 years? Who sets a standard of what is quality. 

LA Holmes is Maritime Workforce Development Coordinator at Kodiak College. Minimum safety standards for many repairs are defined by the 60 year old nonprofit ABYC, the American Boat and Yacht Council.  For example, nearly all fires would be eliminated if wiring standards were followed.

One of the challenges we have on boats –we bring a lot of land based wiring practices to a boats which is actually pretty dangerous. For instance, the solid conductors you use in your home and the wire nuts – those are absolutely forbidden on a boat. Solid conductors will get fatigued by the hardening and the motion, they will break, and wire nuts are also a place where problems happen, they start collecting moisture. We need to use proper marine wire in all applications.

Holmes says standards are being more scrutinized by business affiliates.

We’re finding more and more that banks, surveyors, lenders, insurance companies are interested in whether or not a boat was built or repaired  to any particular standard. If you meet some kind of standard, they are more likely to see that favorably in any sort of critique. 

Kodiak College plans to integrate all ABYC  standards into its Vessel Repair & Maintenance curriculum is being developed now.

Meanwhile, a corrosion certification course is set for October 6-9.  Passing the test means you are a certified marine technician for that topic.

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