Kodiak harbor Credit: juneautek.com

Kodiak harbor
Credit: juneautek.com

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Kodiak Herring and on to Togiak

April 23 2014

Kodiak Herring and on to Togiak

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. A quick stop for herring in Kodiak as seiners head to Togiak. Hear more on herring after this…                                                

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 Herring fishing around Kodiak kicked off last week and is showing pretty regular signs so far. The 58 hundred ton season is about the same as it has been for the past five years.

 Alaska Department of Fish and Game Herring Manager James Jackson in Kodiak.

 “It looks like right now we have a pretty normal fishery timing this year. Which is interesting considering that south east Alaska and Prince William Sound were much earlier than usual.”

 Jackson says that the majority of the herring Guideline Harvest Levels are showing up in their regular spots.

 “There in Uganik, Danger Bay and on the East side from Sitkalidak up to Ugak. We have already taken some fish this year on the East-side, which is pretty normal around Kiliuda and the Sitkalidaks, and we are waiting on the fish to mature in Danger Bay and Uganik.

 He says that those fish could be ready at any time. There are twenty -two seiners out on the water and a so far just over 500 tons has been taken around Kodiak,   with no effort from the herring gill netters. Test fishing from the East side of the island has shown nice roe counts.

 “We are fishing a predominantly older age class, they are mostly nine year old fish and it looks like we are hitting those fish right now. They are about two hundred and fifty to 300 gram fish with, twelve and a half percent roe so it looks pretty good.”

 Talk of an advanced price of 150 to 200 dollars is the word on the docks. The small herring fishery in Kodiak can be fairly short, but it all depends on how many boats stick it out around the island.

 “We are usually just a stopover between Southeast and Togiak anyways. Talking to the guys over there it sounds like it’s looking pretty early so there are going to be some guys towards the weekend starting to make the long journey to Togiak.”

 Alaska’s largest herring fishery in Togiak has a harvest of about 28,000 tons. As of now five companies will be buying herring at Togiak. There have been fish sightings but no fishery opener yet. They will fly again this Friday.


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