Alaska’s total salmon catch has topped 80 million fish – nearly 48 million are sockeyes and 42 million of the reds are from Bristol Bay. Fishing is winding down there but lots of salmon is being hauled in elsewhere, albeit slowly in most regions.

The Dungeness fishery in Southeast is ongoing with a summer harvest pegged at 2.25 million pounds.

Golden king crab opened along the Aleutians on August 1 with a 6.3 million pound harvest, up about a million pounds.

Norton Sound’s red king crab fishery closed July 28 with a catch just under 300,000 pounds.

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A ling cod fishery is ongoing in Prince William Sound with a quota of about 33,000 pounds.

Halibut fishermen have taken 56 percent of their 20 million pound catch limit.

About half of the nearly 26 million pound sablefish catch has been caught. Both fisheries close November 7.

Fishing for cod, rockfish, flounders, pollock and other whitefish continues in the Bering Sea. Likewise, in the Gulf where pollock will reopen on August 25.

The Alaska Board of Fisheries has set an August 15 deadline to receive agenda change requests for its upcoming meeting cycle.

The board will take up fisheries at Bristol Bay, the Alaska Peninsula, the Arctic Yukon Kuskokwim, Aleutian Islands and Chignik in meetings from November through March. A special two day meeting on Pacific cod takes place in early October.

Finally, you can vote now in the primary election set for August 21.

Alaskans will be choosing candidates for Alaska governor, the U.S. House, 40 state house seats and 10 state senate seats. The chosen ones will then compete in the November 6 general election.

Links to vote early or absentee —  thanks to United Fishermen of Alaska.

1. Absentee In-Person & Early Voting
You may vote absentee in person beginning August 6, and on Election Day.
Ballots for all of Alaska’s 40 voting districts are available at regional election offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and Nome and in the state’s six largest airports on Election Day.

Absentee Voting Locations & dates of availability for the primary:

2. Absentee Voting By-Mail  – deadline August 11 for ballot request.
To cast an absentee vote by mail or electronic transmission, an application for absentee ballot must be filed in advance. Applications can be requested and turned in any time up to seven days before an election. Deadline is August 11 to request a ballot for Absentee Voting by Mail.

Absentee Voting by Mail ballot application.

3. Absentee voting by Fax and Electronic Transmission
You may apply for an electronic transmission ballot beginning 15 days before each Election Day.
By Fax: The division will send a by-fax voting packet that contains a ballot, Voter Certificate and Identification sheet and instructions to the fax number you provided. You will need a witness over age 18 and a Fax machine. 

For voting by fax or online, download the Electronic Transmission Absentee Ballot Application.

4. Special Needs Absentee Voting through a personal representative (if you are disabled).
See Special Needs voting: