Fishing boats are still out on the water throughout the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea, targeting cod, rockfish, flounders and various whitefish.

The four million pound red king crab fishery at Bristol Bay is pretty much a wrap; likewise, for the 2.4 million pound Bering Sea Tanner crab fishery.

Fish and Game has announced there will not be a 2019 Tanner fishery at the Eastern Aleutians district.

About 170 divers are still tapping on Southeast’s 1.7 million pound sea cucumber quota with fewer than 150,000 pounds left to go. Divers also are targeting more than 700,000 pounds of giant geoduck clams.

The region’s various shrimp fisheries are pretty much over for the year and the Dungeness fall season ended in mid-November.

And Southeast trollers are still out on the water targeting winter king salmon.

Looking ahead:   There will be no king salmon catches allowed next year at the Stikine and Taku Rivers for the US or Canada due to low run forecasts.

Southeast’s 18 million pink salmon harvest projection for next summer could be one of the lowest in 30 years.

And the 2019 Sitka Sound sac roe harvest has been increased slightly to just under 13-thousand tons (12,869). This past season the fleet took just 2,800 tons out of the 11,128 ton catch.

Turning to fish meetings – on Monday the state Board of Fisheries wrapped up its six day meeting in Dillingham. Up next are Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim fish issues from Jan. 15-19 in Anchorage.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council meetings began this week in Anchorage and run through December 11.

The Joint Board of Fisheries and Game is recruiting for nominees for Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game through December 14.  (Email:, 907-465-4110).

Meanwhile, Governor Mike Dunleavy has appointed Doug Vincent-Lang as Acting Commissioner.  He has over 30 years’ experience in wildlife research and management and as a sportfish research biologist.