Salmon fisheries are opening nearly every day across Alaska and as always, lots of other fishing are gearing up or ongoing.

Southeast Alaska’s Dungeness fishery opens June 15 and crabbers are hoping for another good season. Combined catches for last year’s summer and fall fisheries totaled nearly 6.7 million pounds, more than double the 10 year average, and just shy of the record 7.3 million pounds taken in 2002.

Kodiak crabbers also are dropping pots for Dungeness crab in a fishery that last year neared 3 million pounds.

On a market note: California crabbers fetched record prices for Dungeness averaging $6.02/lb with some getting as much as $14/lb due to low landings and a shortened season that ended June 1.

 A red king crab fishery opens at Norton Sound on June 15 with a 290,000 pound catch quota.

Southeast Alaska’s summer pot fishery for spot shrimp is pulling up the last of its 546,000 pound catch. Beam trawlers also are on the grounds targeting a 1.8 million pound harvest of pink and sidestripe shrimp.

And Southeast divers are still going down in some areas for the remainder of a half-million pound of Geoduck clams.

Prince William Sound extended its spot shrimp season that began in May into September with up to 60 boats vying for a 70,000 pound pot catch.

Alaska’s scallop fishery opens July 1in regions spanning from Southeast to the Bering Sea.

The total catch has not been announced yet but last year the small fleet of 3-4 boats dredged up a reduced quota of 277,500 pounds of shucked meats, nearly half from the Yakutat region.

Alaska’s halibut catch has topped 5.5 million pounds with Homer, Seward, and Juneau the leading ports for landings.

Steady demand for fresh fish has kept prices still running more than $2/pound higher than last year, ranging from $5.50 to $6.75 or more in most major ports, and reaching $7/pound at Homer!

Alaska halibut fishermen have a nearly 20 million pound catch limit this year.

Catches of sablefish, more commonly called black cod. have topped 14 million pounds with most deliveries going to Sitka, Seward and Kodiak.

Those prices also are up considerably, ranging from $1/pound for two pounders to $5.80/pound for 7 ups. The sablefish catch quota this year is 40.5 million pounds.

And as always, fishing continues throughout the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea for a huge mix of Alaska pollock, cod, flounders, rockfish and more.

Finally, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meets remotely June 9-11 and from the 14-16th .

A discussion of the more than 7 million pounds of small black cod taken as bycatch by Bering Sea trawlers is on the agenda.