Fishing for red king crab through the ice at Norton Sound, AK               Credit: CSM Photos


Hundreds of boats of all types are out in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea targeting pollock, cod, flounders and other whitefish.

The Bering Sea snow crab fishery is still ongoing and openers for their bigger cousin, bairdi Tanners, kicked off on February 12 in Southeast Alaska. The duration will depend on how the catches go in specific regions for 62 participants and it’s likely to last a few weeks. The Tanner harvest should top one million pounds.

Southeast crabbers also can haul up golden king crab which has a catch limit of 76,000 pounds.

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                          March 28-30, Kodiak


Also in outside waters of Southern Southeast – a fishery for seven types of rockfish opened on February 10 and will continue through March 14 unless the fleet takes the nearly 112,000 pound quota before that. (111,865)

A pollock fishery at Prince William Sound closed on February 13 with a catch of 6.59 million pounds.  A Tanner crab fishery will open in the Sound on March 1.

Norton Sound’s red king crab fishery opens on February 25. The harvest for the winter fishery is 12,048 pounds.

The state board of fisheries will take up 33 proposals for Alaska Peninsula, Chignik, Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands fisheries at its meeting set for February 21 through 26 in Anchorage.

To help people navigate the board process, a brief mid-day meeting on the first day will run you through the ropes.

Board director, Glenn Haight, says when you have limited time to make your case, it’s important to make an impression.

“What we do is we’ll walk a group through the Board of Fish process – go through the term s, the meeting lay out, how it moves from staff reports to public testimony, to committee and deliberations and just tell them where they want to fit in  and get their input in and how to provide more effective testimony, how to speak to board members and make a strong impact ,and just make them more familiar with it.”  

“It’s really important to try and be impactful and if you’re someone who is going to come back and participate in any of the committees that is a good time to save your really detailed discussions. But if you can just make for public testimony you really want to make an impression so it’s important to plan that out.”

Looking ahead – Pacific halibut opens on March 15, followed by herring fisheries at Sitka Sound.