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January 15, 2014

Mead Treadwell in Kodiak

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell talks fish in Kodiak. More after this –


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Lite Gov. Mead Treadwell talks fish in Kodiak Credit:

Lite Gov. Mead Treadwell talks fish in Kodiak

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Mead Treadwell hopes to unseat US Senator Mark Begich in November’s election. Few have Treadwell’s experience and understanding of the Arctic as eight nations try and stake various claims. In a brief interview in Kodiak, Treadwell agreed that the oceans are becoming more acidic. He says the solutions lie in better technology.

  I have always supported trying to make our energy cleaner. Traveled to two different cutting edge technologies that Alaska might be able to help that has to do with CO2 sequestration. I have been to very supportive of R&D in our state .  If you’ve got spare power from Terror Lake in one part of the year why isn’t this a good place to test hydrogen vehicles and so forth. I believe we can be a proving ground for some of these new technologies.

 Treadwell believes good science should drive all fisheries decisions.

  I would come to the senate with that background. I am probably one of the most scientifically savvy people to have ever served.

Treadwell has played a leading role in launching nearly every research center in Alaska. He says his entire career has focused on ‘commons management’ of resources.

 The fact is that I am no stranger to the senior fisheries managers in this country and I have been part of the fight to get CDQ’s – and I will be there fighting with knowledge even if I don’t have seniority.

 What are Treadwell’s views on keeping fishermen fishing?

  “My passion is to protect our livelihood. I think of our fishermen are some of the last free people on earth and I want to make sure we maintain that freedom.”

To do that, he says it takes three things.

“Make sure the biology is sustained,  that you vote for the fish; you’ve got to make sure that however you set up your regime, you’re not gonna drive the fishermen out of business, it has to work economically,  third is equity. Part of it is keeping fishing families fishing.

Bringing the fishermen’s rights to congress is a top priority for Treadwell.

“So I would be urging the council  and the president and governors as they appoint council members to be looking out for our fishermen and the fishing communities.”

He advises young fishermen to speak up –

“My motto to any young person is never leave your government alone. If you do, they will get ideas of their own and they are not always useful to you.”

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