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Southeast meetings focus on BC mines
October 24, 2014                                            

Open pit gold/copper mine

Open pit gold/copper mine

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Trans-boundary mines are the talk of Southeast. More after this –

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 Meetings all next week throughout Southeast will focus on threats being posed upriver by massive mines being planned in northern British Columbia.

 We would like to continue to spread the work in Southeast Alaska about this freight train that is coming at us in the form of some of the world’s largest gold and copper mines being proposed at the headwaters of the Stikine, Taku and Unuk Rivers. 1

 Heather Hardcastle is Trans-boundary Rivers Campaign Director for Trout Unlimited, and Co-Owner of Taku River Reds.

 And we also want to give folks a way to take action. And that is primarily by writing letters to our Congressional Delegation and the State Department as well as urging law makers, municipalities, advisory committees, boards and commissions and businesses in this region to send similar letters. Because what we are asking is for the State Department to engage with Canada on this matter and activate the boundary waters treaty.

 An International Joint Commission was set up by the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. Its role is to prevent and resolve transboundary water disputes between Canada and the US over.

 Currently the US and certainly Alaska have no say in how these watersheds we share with Canada are developed. We feel that the best mechanism by which we can have a say in the Taku, Stine and Unuk watersheds is to have the IJC activated and review these watersheds and the development that Canada is proposing and constructing as we speak.

 Hardcastle says both the US and Canadian federal governments must refer an issue to activate the Joint commission. She credits Alaska’s Congressional delegation for its strong support and ongoing attention.

Schedule of community meetings that are free and open to the public:

Juneau: Friday, October 24. Centennial Hall. 6 pm.

Sitka: Monday, October 27. Keet Gooshi Heen School. 6 pm.

Wrangell: Tuesday, October 28. Nolan Center. 6 pm.

Petersburg: Wednesday, October 29. Petersburg High School. 6 pm.

Ketchikan: Thursday, October 30. Southeast Discovery Center. 6 pm.

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