Listen to the audio of testimony at today’s Sept. 3 hearing between new Board of Fisheries appointee McKenzie Mitchell of Fairbanks and Representative Geran Tarr — Judge for yourselves if Mitchell can adequately represent Alaska’s complex subsistence, commercial, sport and personal use fisheries.

Mitchell touted her graduate thesis as credentials for serving on the fish board.

Titled “Determinants of Anglers Willingness to Pay to Support the Recreational Quota Entity Program,” the abstract states:  “This study applies data from a web-based survey administered to Alaska sport fish license holders in 2017 to examine the newly introduced Recreational Quota Entity (RQE) program in Alaska’s guided halibut sport fishery and the possibility of increasing halibut available to sport anglers by funding this program through a state-endorsed halibut stamp.”

(Halibut is not a state managed fishery; it is managed by the International Pacific Halibut Commission.)