Nutrition, Native ways and knowing where your fish comes from form the nexus of a new partnership of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation, salmon fishermen and Bambino’s Baby Food of Anchorage.

“ Zoi from Bambinos has really built up her business and her brand, and it was no secret that her sockeye product was performing really well. And BBNC and we at BBRSDA saw a huge opportunity to tell both of our stories -BBNC focusing the native families and culture of Bristol Bay and for ourselves, the marketing program, I feel very passionate, along with both of our partners about the nutritional benefits of sockeye, especially in young infants and toddlers.”

Lilani Dunn is marketing director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, operated and funded by the fleet of nearly 1,800 driftnet fishermen by a 1% tax on their catches.

Bambino’s launched the nation’s first subscription service with home delivery of frozen baby foods in 2015 and was the first to bring the frozen option to U.S. retail baby food aisles that offer no seafoods.

Wild Alaska fish has been front and center on the Bambino menu since the launch of its baby-sized Hali-Halibut portions, sockeye salmon bisque and fillets. Sockeye teething strips are the newest addition and the items are shipped to customers in every U.S. state and Canada.

Now each outgoing box contains recipes from the people of Bristol Bay, stories of how traditional foods are rooted in Alaskan culture and other regional information.

BBNC represents 10,000 shareholders. President and CEO Jason Metrokin said they are looking forward to sharing stories of why salmon is so crucial to the region.

Lilani Dunn added that more people will reap the benefits of nutrient-rich sockeye but also become aware of the sustainability of the world’s largest red salmon run.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to work with a company like bambinos the passion behind the nutrition side of sockeye and then of course, the BB NC they’re such a great corporation to partner with and it just brings a lot of depth to the Bristol Bay region to have the synergy between BB MC and ourselves and then to work with an Alaska company is is definitely something special. And I’m really excited for it.” 

Bambino’s, which was selected as Alaska Manufacturer of the Year in 2018, produces all of its products in Anchorage.  Zoi Maroudas is founder and CEO –

 “We look forward to sharing beautiful recipes and stories of the different cultures and different families, how traditional foods are a staple for Alaskans for hundreds of years,  and just keep sharing that transparency and traceability. Because the beautiful nature of all of this is we all care about our environment and the health and wellness of our families. And we all want to know where our food comes from.”

Bambino’s can be found at Safeway/Carrs and other grocers throughout Southcentral Alaska and on Amazon.