February 11, 2015


This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch….Omega 3’s from fish are best. I’ll tell you more after this….


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The amazing health properties of omega three fatty acids began making headlines in the 1980’s, and today they are recognized as crucial to human health. Omegas are credited with helping to prevent heart disease, strokes, arthritis, some cancers, and are key to proper brain function. Omega threes cannot be produced by our bodies and must be obtained from food sources, notably oily fish like salmon and some plant sources. Salmon Caps


It’s just in the last few decades as we’ve industrialized our food supply that we’ve basically eradicated this nutrient from our diet. When you don’t get it, all kinds of bad things start happening.


Randy Hartnell is a former Bristol Bay fisherman and now operates a web based seafood business called Vital Choice. One of his best sellers is Bristol Bay sockeye salmon oil supplements. Studies now show that all omega three supplements are not created equal. According to well known nutritionist Joyce Nettleton, the most essential omega three – called DHA – is far more abundant in fish oil than any other food source. Plant based sources, like walnuts or flaxseed, boast high omega three levels, but it’s of a different type, called ALA, which the body converts very poorly. Randy Hartnell says sockeye salmon oils contain more than 30 types of fatty acids and other vital compounds like selenium that many producers often strip away.


Our philosophy and that of our customers is that when humans try and improve on mother nature, they don’t do a very good job of it. And Mother Nature had a good reason for putting all of those molecules in that oil, so we think our all natural fish oil is a superior product.


Hartnell’s Bristol Bay sockeye supplements are also the only non food product to get an earth friendly label from the Marine Stewardship Council. Check it out  www.vitalchoice.com .

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