Only one person applied for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner’s job and it’s the same one who’s holding it now.

Doug Vincent-Lang was selected as acting commissioner in early December by incoming Governor Mike Dunleavy.  The governor said he wanted someone on the job while the Joint Board of Fish and Game compiled a list of other potential applicants.

State law requires that a new governor must select a commissioner from nominees suggested by the boards. The joint board will fulfill that statutory obligation on the evening of January 16 in Anchorage. It will be a quick meeting, says Glenn Haight, board support director.

“For this particular year, we have one applicant, Doug Vincent-Lang so it’s a fairly simple task for the joint board to go through this process.”

Vincent-Lang was the only applicant to apply by the Dec. 14. Deadline. He was a  director of the division’s wildlife department under former Governor Parnell and assistant director of the sportfish division in the early 2000s.

“For the solicitation, it’s up to the individuals to apply. So anyone could’ve applied.  Sometimes in the past there’s been more than 10 names that have come into the department and sometimes there’s just five or so. With one applicant it gives them much less to review so they have a much simpler task in front of them.”

The commissioner must be approved by the Alaska legislature at the end of its upcoming session.

Haight says the boards are taking advantage of logistics for the special meeting.

“The Board of Fish already meeting in Anchorage and board of game will be coming from its southeast meeting in Petersburg and flying through Anchorage so we thought it would be an opportune time to have an evening session and pull them all together.”

The public can send comments on the ADF&G commissioner pick through January 7 and listen in on the meeting on the 16th. ( )

From January 15 to 19 the Board of Fisheries is taking up over 60 proposals focusing on Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim issues.