One of the seafood industry’s biggest and most popular trade shows is back and in person after Covid forced it to cancel last year.

 Pacific Marine Expo is set for November 18-20 in Seattle for its 55th year. The show is on track to again host about 500 vendors and the timing will likely attract over  6,000 visitors.

“So what’s in our favor this year is whenever the show dates are just prior to Thanksgiving, which they are this year, it’s usually one of our most productive shows and our exhibitors are very happy about it. So the dates are a jumping off point for our Alaskan attendees that are traveling for Thanksgiving. They come to the event, spend a few days at the show, and then they either stay in Seattle, or they travel throughout the country to visit family for the holiday weekend.”

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Bob Callahan is Diversified Communications group vice president and Expo director. He adds that this year’s show brings an added bonus for visitors.

“And then this year is a bonus. The Seahawks play on Sunday, the day after the show closes. They play the Cardinals. So we’ll be giving out Seahawks tickets throughout the event over the three days.”

Expo will again feature fishing fan favorites and Alaska’s own exhibition area in a prime area –

“We’ll have the Alaskan Pavilion that’s looking very strong. You know, 25% of our audience comes from Alaska. And we have about 50 companies that exhibit in the Alaskan Pavilion, so it’s a great atmosphere. And it’s right adjacent to the beer garden where we have a happy hour each evening where we provide complementary beer and hand out the Seahawks tickets.”

Callahan says last year’s Covid cancellation has made people value the in-person trade show experience even more.

“You know, a year ago, it was difficult, but it really opened a lot of eyes in terms of how valuable our exhibitors see the event and how valuable the attendees see the event. They will come to the event, because they want to see the new products and new technology, but they also want to see the person behind the product and who’s selling the product. So that’s really important. And you can’t get that over the internet or a webinar or in a digital format. So the face to face event, I think, is coming out stronger, after COVID than people perceived before.”

Registration for Pacific Marine Expo begins in August. And ideas for Expo speakers are being accepted through this Friday (July 16).