Pacific Marine Expo is one of every year’s biggest attractions for anyone who makes a living on or near the water.  Expo is held at the CenturyLink Center in Seattle – last year a conflicting football game bumped Expo into Thanksgiving week but that’s not the case this year. Denielle Christensen is Expo director.

“The main thing we are super excited about this year is to be back to our regular day and date pattern which is the week before thanksgiving, which is November 21- 23, Thursday through Saturday.”

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Over 400 exhibitors are signed up, many in the expanded Alaska Hall, and registrations are well ahead of last year.  The center stage will feature a panel discussing the proposed Pebble Mine near Bristol Bay. Christensen says interest in Pebble has gone far beyond Alaska.

“This year, we’ve put together a panel to take a look at that environmental impact statement, the science behind it, what this might mean, and helping everyone understand what do they need to know, what do they need to be communicating from those in the industry to consumers.” 

Fishing safety also will be an Expo highlight. The Coast Guard will advise about changing vessel safety requirements along with crossing hazardous bars. Historically, bar crossings have been one of the biggest fishing risks in the Pacific Northwest.

 “Responders are going to cover everything from understanding bar condition reporting, how and when to request a Coast Guard escort and what they can expect during an escort.”  

In a more lighthearted vein, Christensen says Expo also will feature the line up of annual favorites.

 “We’re also bringing back some of the classics, the things that people really love about the show. The fishermen of the year contest is on again this year, the Fisher Poets are going to be back presenting before that same day, which is Saturday. We’re welcoming the Seattle Kitchen Radio Show back again. And of course, one of the favorites of all of our attendees is our daily happy hour.”

The expanded Alaska Hall will be plugged with booths and visitors. And the first leg of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood competition will be held there and the top winners will be announced.

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