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March 18, 2014

Pollock skins and other co-products Credit:  NOAA

Pollock skins and other co-products
Credit: NOAA

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch … Pet treats from pollock skins.  More on  co-products  after this —          Pollock skin pet treats

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Getting value from every part of the fish is the focus of Alaska’s pollock industry.  What used to be regarded as ‘byproducts’ of fish fillets or surimi are better called ‘co-products’, says food chemist Alex Oliveira

  Because, for instance, the oils we are producing from pollock livers now has become so valuable in encapsulated form and have become a human nutraceuticals   product so that it makes no sense to call the livers a byproduct.   And it is as important in the puzzle of how to maximize the value of each fish caught. 9

 Oliveira is working on two pollock projects at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center, a part of the State University.  The projects are funded by a $350,000 grant from member companies of the Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center.

 The first will measure all the biochemical elements that define freshness for each part of the pollock the moment it is caught.   The second project will turn pollock skins into two types of low fat pet treats: slices and roll ups.

 We have to have an assurance that is safe for pets to eat, shelf stable, that is not undergoing undesirable chemical changes over storage; it holds its shape and so on and so forth. 23: nobody wants a pet treat that crumbles on their carpet   and it makes your house smell like a dead fish. 

 It will be a year or two before the treats are ready for taste trials. That’s when they’ll bring in the pets, and more importantly, their owners.

 You’re testing acceptability by the pet, which is generally the easiest one, at least for dogs, but the owner has to want to buy it.

 Anyone creating new food products, for pets or humans   – and from meats and jams to sauces – can partner with the researchers at the Kodiak Center.  

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