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Photo contest for Alaska fishing families
November 2, 2012

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Your fishing photos can help tell the story of Alaska seafood and win you an iPad. More after this –

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 A call is out for photos that highlight the Alaska fishing life.

 Cut; We just want to try and have more opportunity to show off the great folks and fisheries and scenery and everything going on up here first hand from the people out there doing it. 1

 Tyson Fick is communication director for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute in Juneau.  Along with best fishing family photo, there are four other categories –

 Cut: Best action, best scenic or boat photos, best action photo, and that’s sort of the classic grip and grin person holding the fish picture, and then humor or historic photo, we put those together.

 Fick says ASMI will use the photos in its various outreach programs.

 Cut: We are active in 21 different countries as well as throughout the US and online – and our Facebook content. It’s a great way to show it off.  4

 An ultimate goal, Fick says, is to bring more attention to Alaska seafood.

 Cut: it’s a big deal throughout the country and the world to  learn more about where your food comes from, learn the story of how it gets to your plate and I really believe we have the very best story in all of food. 9

 Part of the story is all of the people it takes to get Alaska seafood on peoples’ plates.

 Cut:  it’s more than the fish in the ocean and the great science that’s going on thre and enforecemtn and the work by fish and game and the coast guard and what not – but it’s also the people that respect and catch the fish process it , ship it and distribute it and the chefs that prepare it so people have a terrific experience at a restaurant in  Chicago, for instance. They are all a part of the fishery to me. 10

 Winners in each category get an Apple iPad.    Enter the contest and upload photos at      Deadline to enter the fishing families photo contest is December 31.  

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