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Pink salmon catch for 2015 could increase 22%
March 5, 2015                

Pink Salmon Frenzy Credit:

Pink Salmon Frenzy

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Adding up Alaska’s pink salmon catch. A look at the numbers after this –

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 A few forecasts for this year’s salmon season have been trickling in, and state fishery managers will announce the official projections in a couple of weeks.

 When it comes to pink salmon – Alaska’s ‘bread and butter’ catch – one market expert is already calling the 2015 harvest at just over 117 million fish, 22% higher than last year.

 Undercurrentnews generated the pink projection based on Fish and Game’s preliminary wild and hatchery salmon numbers for Alaska’s most productive pink regions: Southeast, Prince William Sound and Kodiak.

 Managers are calling for excellent catches throughout Southeast of 58 million pink salmon. At Prince William Sound, the run forecast of wild pinks is 15.4 million fish; and the hatchery returns are pegged at 36 million. If 87% of the Sound’s pink catch is from hatchery, as it was last year, that would bring the combined Prince William Sound catch to 46.7 million pinks.

 At Kodiak, managers are calling for a wild pink harvest of 6.9 million, and combined with local hatchery fish, the total pink catch should produce 11 million pinks.

 When Kodiak’s take is combined with the other two region, the pink salmon catch adds up to nearly 116 million.

 Add in the lower takes from lower Cook Inlet and other regions, and Undercurrentnews deduces Alaska’s statewide catch this summer at just over 117 million pink salmon.

 We’ll know all of the official salmon harvest projections for 2015 in a few weeks.

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