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Pink salmon emergency updates
September 9, 2016

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Updates on the pink salmon disaster call and loan relief. More after this –

Pink Salmon Frenzy Credit:

Pink Salmon Frenzy

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Wheels are still in motion to provide some relief to Alaska’s pink salmon industry after the worst harvest since the late 1970’s.  The catch to date is below 40 million out of a forecast of 90 million pinks. That compares to a catch of 190 million humpies last year.

Representative Louise Stutes of Kodiak says the Walker administration is still compiling data on the fishery bust.

It has certain steps that it has to go through before the Governor feels comfortable making that determination. And that’s the process we’re in currently.  

Stutes says outreach efforts also are underway to get input from affected communities.

However, I did get the information from the Governor’s office which was the appropriate wording for the affected communities to send a resolution indicating how devastating this lack of pink salmon has been to their communities and requesting that they do declare it a disaster.  

Moving more quickly is Stutes’ request for state loan forgiveness for this year for those hurt by the humpy no show.

First, it’s absolutely imperative if anyone is going to ask for a waiver of their payment this year they need to contact the Division of Economic Development at 1-800-478-5626 prior to the due date of the loan. They will then send the appropriate application or forms to that individual for them to apply.  

Feedback from fishermen who have already contacted the division said the process includes a complex 16 page application.

I told them this isn’t working well.  It’s too cumbersome. This is a loan application and these individuals already have a loan. They are only asking for a waiver in the provision of the existing loan.

Now, applicants will still get the 16 pages but not all of them need to be filled out.  Stutes says staff at the Division of Economic Development is standing by to help.

They have staffing available, they are anticipating fishermen calling and they will walk them through to help them put in only the pertinent, required information. So that streamlines it somewhat until we can fine tune it a bit further.   

Division of Economic Development: 1-800-478-5626  

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