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May 14, 2014   Pink salmon sales strategies for record haul                    

Canning pinks at Ocean Beauty

Canning pinks at Ocean Beauty

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Big plans for marketing all those pinks. More after this –

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 Selling last summer’s record catch of 226 million pink salmon has prompted lots of creative thinking.

 Recognizing that there is a whole lot of pink salmon out there from the record fun, ASMI has put forward $1.5 million additional to promote pink salmon, and canned pinks specifically, both domestically and overseas. 2

 Tyson Fick is communications director for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, the state’s lone marketing arm.

 It wouldn’t be any problem for the producers just to dump the fish on the market and flood the market, and then we would see a tremendous downward pressure in years to come. Moreso, we see this as a great opprortunity to introduce more people to wild Alaska salmon at a price they can afford. 5

 Alaska has been shifting away from canned pinks – 72 percent was canned a decade ago, compared to less than half in 2012. Now it’s back to the future but with a smaller sized can.

 We’ve been really successful and marketing pink salmon and shifting things away from the can, which has greaty increased the value over the past 10 years. So the idea being, with a smaller can size, and the market will tell us what that is, we can then hit a price point to be competitive with other protein options. 7

 It also will let processors use the expanded product development tax to upgrade canning lines from the 1950s.   Fick says marketers also are targeting endurance athletes with magazine ads and onsite promotions.

We’re going to some rock and roll marathons, we’re working with people like Kikkan Randall who are pressed for time and want something that is very nutririous and canned salmon certainly fits that bill. 9

 The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced in January that it would buy $20 million in canned pinks for food assistance programs.

 The market should see some relief from a much smaller pink run this summer – the Alaska forecast calls for 75 million, a 67% decrease from last year’s humpy haul.

 Figures show a tally of 2.7 million cases of canned pinks (talls); and 1.7 million cases of halves produced from the 2013 catch. That compares to 1.3 million and 55,000 cases, respectively, from 2012.

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